They do not show war in this film, they show people and their dreams and hopes ruined by the war. It is not just another "war film", but it rises to the level of a true Tragedy. Not a propagandist or a sob story. Many critics compare this film to another famous Russian war drama, The Cranes Are Flying. I still think that The House I Live in is better, though, if you've seen The Cranes and liked it, most probably you'll love this one either. Both films were shot in 1957 and treat the war theme from the similar humane perspective. I wouldn't cut a single shot from the film, all of them are just in place. I do not know if it can be found outside Russia, if yes, don't miss it. Many critics pointed out resemblances between Dom, V Kotorom Ya Zhivu (The House I Live In) and the better-known Soviet film The Cranes are Flying. Set in the years prior to and during WWII, the story centers on the various residents of a co-op house. Though the directors never show the war itself, its tragic impact is felt throughout the film. And despite the potential for Soviet propaganda, what sticks in the mind is the universality of the experiences endured by the leading characters. Dom, V Kotorom Ya Zhivu was one of Russian's entries in the 1958 Brussels Film Festival.
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